Fundraising (Beta)

Monitor this page to keep up with the Fundraising API (Beta) latest changes and SKY API service releases.



  • The Appeal list, Campaign list, and Fund list endpoints now exclude inactive records by default. To include inactive records, set the include_inactive parameter to true.


Announcement: Breaking Changes Planned for Fundraising API (Beta)

We will update the default value of the include_inactive filter to false on the Appeal list, Campaign list, and Fund list endpoints to exclude inactive records by default. Currently, the filter defaults to true and includes inactive records when no value is supplied.



Added the following endpoints:

Operation Method Route
Appeal list GET /appeals
Campaign list GET /campaigns
Fund list GET /funds



The Fundraising API has been released for a public beta. This API handles information related to the fundraising hierarchy, including the campaign, fund, and appeal entities:

  • Campaigns set the overall objectives and initiatives for raising money, and they are typically the top tier of the fundraising hierarchy. For example, organizations can create campaigns to encompass fundraising efforts related to annual operating expenses, new buildings, or endowments.
  • Funds represent the donor's intent for how to use or earmark a gift. For example, the gift can be intended for a specific cause or financial purpose. Funds are often linked to financial suites and indicate where to allocate a gift.
  • Appeals are the sources and solicitations that bring in gifts, and they are typically the most granular piece of the fundraising hierarchy. Examples of appeals include direct mailings, online donation pages, phonathons, auctions, and events.

The initial release contains endpoints to retrieve these entities by ID and to manage custom fields. For more information, check out the entity and endpoint references.