Treasury (Beta)

Monitor this page to keep up with the Treasury API (Beta) latest changes and SKY API service releases.



For the Checks (List) endpoint, we made the following changes:

  • The new payee field is now returned in the listed objects.
  • The list is now sorted by check number (ascending).
  • We added the starting_check_number and ending_check_number variables to the check filter. When only starting_check_number is provided, a list of checks (starting with that number and higher) is returned. When only ending_check_number is provided, a list of checks (less than or equal to that number) is returned. When both variables are provided, a range of checks is returned.

April 2017



The Treasury API has been released for a public beta. This API handles information related to bank accounts, including related entities such as adjustments, checks, and deposits.

The initial release contains endpoints to retrieve a list of all bank accounts and all bank account transactions, and to manage deposits, cash receipts, and adjustments. For more information, check out the entity and endpoint references.