Managing your apps

In order to call the SKY API, you'll need to register your application. This registration provides a unique set of credentials that your application will use when asking a user for permission to access their organization's Blackbaud data during the authorization process.

Register your application

To register your application:

  1. Go to My Applications to manage your applications.

  2. Click Register app. My Applications

  3. Enter the following information:

    Field Description
    Application name (Required) Enter a name for your application. This is the name that users will see when asked to grant access to your application during the authorization process. It will also be seen by administrators within the Applications area of the product when they view the list of applications that have been granted access to their data.
    Application details (Required) Provide a description for your application. This will be seen by administrators when activating your application within the product.
    Organization name (Required) Specify the company name that users and administrators will see associated with your application.
    Application logo (Optional) Provide a 512 by 512 pixel PNG or JPEG image that users and administrators will see associated with your application.
    Application website URL (Required) Enter a URL where users can find out more information about your application.
    Redirect URIs (Required) Specify one or more URIs that should be used when redirecting the user's browser back to your application after providing consent during the authorization process. The URIs must be absolute and use https (note that we do support http://localhost:port or for local development). To register multiple URIs, click Add another redirect URI.

    Important!   When your application requests authorization to access a Blackbaud customer's data, it will include a redirect_uri parameter as part of the query string. This value must match exactly against one of the values you listed when registering your application, including any trailing slashes. If the value supplied does not match any of the registered redirect URIs, then authorization will fail. For more information on commonly encountered authorization problems, see common authorization issues.

    Basic Info

  4. Click Save to complete the registration of your application.

  5. After you register an application, take note of the credentials (ID and Secret) that are displayed in the Application Credentials column. These credentials are unique to your application, and are used to verify your application's identity during the authorization process.

    • Application ID is the unique identifier for your application. This value is not sensitive and can be shared publicly. It cannot be modified after the application is registered, so if you need change it for any reason you must delete the application and re-add it.
    • Application secret is the key your application will provide when requesting an access token to call the SKY API as part of the authorization process. This value is sensitive and should NOT be shared with anyone else! To display the secret, click Show in the Application Credentials column.

      Very Important!   The application secret should be kept private and safe! Regenerate your secret if it is compromised. Blackbaud reserves the right to remove or deactivate your application in order to protect our customers' data.

      Your registered applications list

Regenerate your secret

If you think your Application secret has been compromised, follow these steps to regenerate the value:

  1. Go to My Applications.

  2. Locate the application in the list.

  3. Select the context menu and click Regenerate secret.

    Regenerate secret

  4. Select Show to display the regenerated secret. Be sure to store the new secret securely.

    Regenerate secret

Important!   Don't forget to update your application to use the regenerated value when requesting access during the authorization process.

Activate your application

For your application to successfully access a tenant's data, it must be approved by a tenant administrator. For Blackbaud customers, the tenant administrator is a user within their organization. You need to have the tenant administrator provide approval by activating your application within the Applications area of the product.

To activate your application in a customer's tenant, have the tenant administrator complete the following steps:

  1. Copy the Application ID that you provided to them.

  2. Visit the Control Panel, Applications area of the product.

  3. Select Add application, and paste your Application ID, and select Save.

Your application will then appear in the list of activated applications for the tenant.