Create an App with SKY API

To successfully create an application with SKY API, follow this step-by-step guide.

Before you begin, be sure to complete the Getting Started guide, where you'll get your Blackbaud developer account, a subscription key, and learn how to explore the Endpoint Reference.

  • Step 1 – Register your app

    To call the SKY API, first register your application to obtain its unique set of credentials, which your users will use to enable your app to access their data

    1. From My Applications, click Register app.

    2. Enter the name, description, and logo of your application, as well as your organization's name. This information appears for users when they enable access to your application during the authorization process or in their product.

    3. In the Application website URL field, enter where users can learn more about your application online.

    4. Specify the URIs to use to redirect users back to your application during the authorization process. Note: The URIs must be absolute and use HTTPS. However, we do support http://localhost:port or for local development.

      Important!   When your application requests authorization to access a Blackbaud user's data, it includes a redirect_uri parameter in its query string. To authorize your application, this value must match exactly against one of the URIs you provide, including any trailing slashes. For more information, see common authorization issues.

    5. Click Save.

  • Step 2 – Review the app credentials

    After you register an app, note the ID and secret that appear under Application Credentials. These credentials are unique to your application, and verify its identity during the authorization process.

    ID -
    Your application's unique identifier. Your users will need this ID to enable your application to access their Blackbaud data. You can't modify this ID; if you need to change it for any reason, delete the application and re-register it.

    Secret -
    The key your application provides when it requests an access token to call the SKY API during the authorization process. This value is sensitive, so don't share it with anyone else! To display the secret, click Show.

    Very Important!   Keep the application secret private and safe! If the secret is compromised, regenerate it. Blackbaud reserves the right to remove or deactivate your application to protect customer data.

  • Step 3 – Activate your app

    For your application to access a user's Blackbaud data, the tenant's administrator must approve its use for their organization and activate it within their product. For Blackbaud customers, the tenant administrator is a user within their organization.

    To activate your application in a customer's tenant, provide the tenant administrator with your application ID and have the tenant administrator complete the following steps:

    1. Copy the Application ID that your Blackbaud developer provided to you.

    2. Visit the Control Panel, Applications area of your Blackbaud product.

    3. Select Add application and then paste in the Application ID.

    4. Select Save.

      The application will then appear in the list of activated applications for the tenant.

  • Step 4 – Request authorization

    Once your application has been activated, you can then obtain consent from an authenticated user. Upon consent, an OAuth 2.0 access token will be issued to your application in the form of a JSON web token, or JWT. The token should be included on every API request as part of the standard Authorization header. It is tied to the authenticated user's account and organization, which means that your application can only access data to which the authenticated user can access within the system.

    Learn how to authorize API requests!

  • Step 5 – Next steps

    You are now ready to go make API calls!

Now that you've built and tested your application, here are a few things you should know.


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