Getting Started

This tutorial shows you how to try out the SKY API through our console.

Step 1 - Set up your developer account

Sign up for a Blackbaud developer account. This account represents you as a developer within the Blackbaud Developer Portal.

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Step 2 - Get your subscription key

We require you to have an approved subscription key to a specific API product before you can use the SKY API.

This subscription key is associated with your Blackbaud developer account.

How to get a subscription key?

  1. To request a subscription to an API product, from the Products page select SKY API Standard Edition.
  2. Click Subscribe. A confirmation screen appears.
  3. To submit your request, click Confirm.

Blackbaud approves the subscription requests. We will send you an email notification when your request is approved. After it is approved, you can view the subscription details within your developer profile.

Important! In order to be approved for a subscription key, you must be an authorized user in at least one instance of Raiser's Edge NXT or Financial Edge NXT. This requirement ensures that you have a tenant to make API calls against.

Your profile provides details about your subscriptions. Each subscription contains a Primary key and a Secondary key. You can use either key as the subscription key value for the bb-api-subscription-key request header in calls to the API:

subscription keys

Step 3 - Activate the SKY API Console

The SKY API Console is a Blackbaud application built into the Endpoint Reference that can be used to test the SKY API. Before jumping in to build your own applications, we recommend you add the SKY API Console to your or your customer's tenant to aid with testing and development.

To access a tenant's data, the SKY API Console, must be approved by a tenant administrator. For Blackbaud customers, a tenant administrator is a user within the organization that is part of the Supervisor security group. This may include Partners or API subscribers that have their own dedicated tenant, or are Supervisor users in their customer's tenant. Administrators provide approval for applications, including the SKY API Console, by activating the application within the Applications area of the product.

To activate the SKY API Console, the tenant administrator needs to do the following:

  1. Copy the SKY API Console Application ID:


  2. Visit the Control Panel, Applications area of the product.

  3. Select Add application, paste the SKY API Console Application ID, and select Save.

Once added, The SKY API Console will appear in the list of activated applications for the tenant.

Important!  The same process can be followed to activate additional applications for your tenant. Simply substitute the application ID for the one provided in the My Applications area of your Developer Account to add your own application, or use the application ID provided to you by a Partner or third party developer that you know and trust.

Step 4 - Explore the Endpoint Reference

Now, you are ready to explore the endpoints available to you!

  1. Open the Endpoint Reference and select an API. A list of endpoints and operations appears.
  2. Select an endpoint from the list.
  3. Review the information in the reference, including the Request URL, Request parameters, Request headers, response codes, sample JSON data, and Code samples. API Reference

Step 5 - Try it!

When you are signed in, you can test the SKY API with the SKY API Console.

  1. From an Endpoint Reference, click Try it.
    For example, in the Constituent Endpoint Reference, select the Constituent (Get) endpoint and click Try it. This enables the SKY API Console.
    API Reference

  2. Under Query parameters, enter a sample parameter. For example, enter 280 for the constituentId parameter.

  3. Under Headers, select the show/hide icon in the bb-api-subscription-key field. The value reflects the selected subscription key from the Authorization section.

    Note: The Request URL and HTTP request change based on the values for the parameter and request header field values.

  4. subscription key
    How does the SKY API Console security work?

  5. Under Authorization, select Authorization code in the Blackbaud OAuth 2.0 Service field.
    Authorization Code

  6. The Blackbaud Authorization Service displays a SKY API Console pop-up window.
    Authorization Code

  7. Select a tenant. Approved API subscribers with access to their own dedicated tenant need to activate the SKY API Console as an approved application.

  8. Click Authorize. This gives the SKY API Console access to your SKY API data for the selected tenant.

  9. After you approve the SKY API Console to access the API data for your Blackbaud developer account, the HTTP request is populated with the Authorization:Bearer header. This represents the access token for the request.

  10. After you have a bearer token and configure the values for the URI parameters, click Send to submit the request. The response includes a response status, latency, and content including JSON data for the requested endpoint.
    Approved Authorization

Step 6 - Next steps