Opportunity (Beta)

Monitor this page to keep up with the Opportunity API (Beta) latest changes and SKY API service releases.



The Opportunity list endpoint now includes an option to filter opportunities based on their associated constituents. The optional constituent_id query parameter, which can be specified multiple times to imply a logical OR, filters the results to only include opportunities associated with the specified constituent record IDs. For example, &constituent_id=1242&constituent_id=385 filters the results to only include opportunities associated with two constituent records: "1242" and "385."

May 2017



We updated the Opportunity (GET) endpoint to return the date_added and date_modified properties.

April 2017



We added the linked_gifts property to the opportunity entity. This property is an array of identifiers for the gifts that are related to the opportunity.



The Opportunity API has been released for a public beta. This API handles information related to opportunities, including the opportunity, opportunity attachments, and opportunity fundraiser entities.

The initial release contains endpoints to retrieve these entities by ID and to manage custom fields. For more information, check out the entity and endpoint references.